Friday, 25 May 2018

War Wings: A6M5 Gameplay

Since I am playing Japanese aircraft in a few other games, it seems only fitting that I showcase the top of my current progression efforts in War Wings with the tier V Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero.

However, using a much more careful eye to detail, I wanted to see if the frailties of this particular nation of aircraft, as depicted in other titles, also transcended to this one....

Straight To Battle: Kawasaki Ki-61 Part 2

A continuation in progression from this previous World of Warplanes video with the tier VI Kawasaki Ki-61.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

War Wings - Sound Testing Another Bell P-39N Battle

Something I didn't notice (perhaps I was just too tired) until I uploaded the last War Wings video was how quiet the audio was. I think I have improved on that this time....

Still a work in progress.

Someone Called It Bruce: Kawasaki Ki-88

With just a day away from the return of Attrition Mode in World of Warplanes, I had better belt out one more familiar type battle while I can. This time, I went with a Japanese plane that defies the standard for how the nation is usually played....

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Straight To Battle: Kawasaki Ki-61

The great experiment in "short and sweet." The brag board above, the video below....

Air Combat On The Go - War Wings

Sometimes, you just can't pack a computer around with you.

Portable gaming has come a very long ways since the days of the original Nintendo Gameboy (or if you go even further back, those cheap, LCD handheld time killers) and in this age of smartphones and tablets, the evolution continues.

Since this blog is aircraft themed, it would only make sense to mention one title I have on the go, War Wings.

As of right now, what I would consider to be the two major players on PC and Console in this genre would be World of Warplanes (Microsoft Windows) and War Thunder (Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, macOS, Linux and reported to be released on Xbox One in the near future). Neither one of them has put out a portable version of their game (WarGaming has the Blitz series, but only covers Tanks and Ships).

Based on the absence of a mobile WOWP and/or War Thunder version, I have downloaded, played and later uninstalled a fair amount of Android air combat titles. Some might have offered okay gameplay action, but was missing a certain....flavor I was looking for. Others were of the "pay to play" variety and I am not about to spend piles of money on possible disappointment.

It felt like I was looking for the impossible, a free to play air combat game with a progression system similar to WOWP/War Thunder, throw in some Gold and Token options?

A few months ago I stumbled across War Wings and my search was over. Easy to pick up gameplay, a progression system that I was familiar with, earnable premium aircraft, my list goes on. It might not have been published by Gaijin or WarGaming, but it had enough features from both of their titles that I could now get my air combat fix on the go through my Motorola Nexus 6 phone.

Best of all, I just happens to have one of my favorite fighters from World War Two (a plane the is also present in War Thunder/World of Warplanes)....

Sorry about the sound, seems I should have turned the volume up while recording.

Want to give it a try (for Android and iOS)? Check it out here.

Friday, 18 May 2018

The Grind Gauntlet: Kawasaki Ki-61

This is the idea I have considered doing for some time.

Load up World of Warplanes, select a progression aircraft from my current "Nation of Mood" and play til I win, up to and no more than three consecutive battles. Now, this isn't a new concept, some streamers on other media formats do this type of thing (with their own conditions) on a regular basis, but I haven't started it myself.

One of the reasons for doing it is to see in myself what psychological changes take place if the first or even second battle end in defeat. Does frustration and/or disappointment dull the nerves and senses? Does the weight of not winning one battle carry over into the next? Using myself as a test subject, I am curious to see the answers to those questions.

On the flip-side, the main reason for not starting this experiment is the length of time a person would have to sit and watch my serial performances, up to 45 minutes of me talking, flying and shooting up the sky. I am sure there are folks out there that have better things to do with their time (I do appreciate those who have tuned in thus far and have continued to stick around).

Nevertheless, I put the question to you, should I do this or not? Would you be willing to spend nearly and hour watching my adventures in World of Warplanes with a tech tree plane, no matter the outcome? Is there another way I could have asked a similar question?

While you consider that, here is the first video on that concept, demonstrating a more positive psychological change at the end....