Monday, 13 March 2017

A Mustang in Other Skies

Although I play mostly World of Warplanes these days, I did try out and play War Thunder on the side for some length of time. Along the way, I bought and earned a few premium aircraft and advanced up most of the ingame nation lines, but after I switched over to the Ground Forces (Tank battles) portion, I became frustrated with the game and uninstalled the whole works.

After being bit by the virtual flying bug again, I decided to download, install and take another look at the Aerial Combat part of War Thunder.

Firstly, the flight control differences between the two games is considerable (I am using the default settings in both). World of Warplanes allows a player to jump right into the action with a very simplified control system (I just happen to be a keyboard and mouse user), while War Thunder requires a lot more micro-management just to avoid hitting the ground.

Simply put, WOWP is a arcade shooter, WT is trying to bring more of the simulation element into their gameplay.

There are a great deal of other differences too and I might cover those items in the future, but for now, there was one thing I wanted to experience. 

After returning from an extended break and taking to the skies in a Canadian skinned P-51D in World of Warplanes, in an attempt to advance up the line there, I decided to try and loosely compare the changes in War Thunder (and the flight model versus WOWP) since I last played and took out the premium British Mustang Mk-1A for a test flight, from takeoff to landing....

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