Monday, 27 February 2017

Half a Happy Ending

It wasn't my intention to showcase flying my premium jet powered aircraft from World of Warplanes, but it just turned out that way. As I stated in a previous post, this is the era of combat aviation that interests and fascinates me the most. If other players want the same shortcut to this time period and are either new to the game, existing or returning from a hiatus, a few hard earned, real world dollars can open the door to this option (subject to availability, of course).

The British Gloster Meteor F. I premium tier VII fighter is easily my favorite and most forgiving jet powered plane I have played in the game. I earned mine from an event, a very long time ago and have no regrets about the time and effort I invested in getting this aircraft. Decent firepower, acceptable boost-to-thrust when needed and climbs up the altitude ladder without serious struggles. One drawback that I always seem to forget is the aircraft doesn't turn very well and bleeds off a lot of speed when attempting said maneuver.

In fact, here is a gameplay video that shows both the strengths and shortcomings of this aircraft, especially when it's flown by yours truly, making a final and completely avoidable error in judgement....

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