Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Frustration in the First

Collecting the nineteen victories for the LaGG-3-4 is more of a time consuming venture than a test of skill or patience.

Granted, if a player is blessed with decent teams and MatchMaker is working in their favor, all the better and things can progress along very quickly. However, if the opposite happens, prepare for a much longer time to be spent in front of the monitor and controls.

While some in the World of Warplanes community may scoff at a lower tiered, premium aircraft as a reward, at least it's a tangible, attainable goal. For me, it will come in handy, since I don't have a whole lot of premium Soviet aircraft that aren't GA's (I haven't flown one of those in....over a year?) and earning one through a mission is a great way to save some real world money for a....more worthwhile purchase later on.

At any rate, after a loadout tweak or two, installing some equipment and putting my best pilot in, here's the first victory in my LaGG-3-4....

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