Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Calculations from the Clouds

Because I don't usually invest in purchasing a premium hangar in World of Warplanes, I forget how good it looks when I earn one.

Thanks to practicing the good advice that has been offered to me, I am enjoying a higher success with my ongoing adventures in the Mustang H. Although I am far from being fully mastered in all of the intricacies that are a part of the "Boom and Zoom" playstyle, I have discovered that it isn't so much the maneuvers that make the difference, it's the choices and follow through on those decisions.

Then again, carving a decided action into stone isn't the wisest thing to do either. I have learned that keeping a careful eye on the battle and try to watch as much of the action as it unfolds, can have a strong influence the next step to take, or correct myself from one choice to another. Sound confusing?

I will let the video explain it all....

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