Saturday, 6 May 2017

Snow, with a chance of a Meteor Strike

 A very long time ago now, I managed to run an aerial gauntlet in World of Warplanes and acquired a premium tier VII Gloster Meteor in my hangar, becoming one of my most favorite aircraft in the game. Although I don't always do so well with it, I can't truly explain what it means to fly it. However, a certain, select few can appreciate and relate to that feeling the Meteor generates for me.

When it first appeared as speculation posts, many cried about how the Meteor was going to ruin the then current mid-tier action. A jet below tier VIII? Quite a few people would have you convinced the sky was about to fall. Those announcements of "doom and gloom" were silenced when the reality of the machine was presented. In some hands, it was and still is a fairly competitive aircraft, in others, it's a flying bomb waiting to go off. The mid-tiers survived, no real danger ever came, despite the predictions.

In keeping with my "blue theme," I modified another custom livery, based on an old picture I saw way back and took to the skies over ground that would have been a very real environment, just a few short weeks ago....

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