Sunday, 7 May 2017

Cloud Horse

Life, both the real one and the virtual alternative, is always based on choices. Some, turn out to be the best things to ever happen and wonderful memories are built on that moment. Others, are tragedies, missed opportunities or a perpetual period of second guessing the whole "what if" factor.

However, in that single moment that most of us occupy and more often than not, we believe we are making the right choice, or took the only alternative option that appeared available. It isn't until it's all said and done that the outcome reveals to us the positive or negative result and either we deny, shift the blame or learn from it. Unlike a video game, the only replays that are available for those in the real world is what others experienced from their perspective (and if they whip out their cellphone fast enough to capture that moment) and how we remember the events, as they happened or immediately altered to protect our pride or sense of self-worth.

Okay, that seemed to be a bit too heavy.

Nevertheless, I present a battle from World of Warplanes, while flying the Mustang H. Two choices were made, one was almost a reckless tragedy, the other was very much a calculated maneuver.

Which one did you find?

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