Thursday, 6 April 2017

A double feature

Aside from the grind up and through the Mustang H in World of Warplanes, I have also been working on those sidebar missions, at a very leisurely pace.

Since I don't have any lower tiered tech tree aircraft in my hangar, I use the many premium aircraft I have acquired over the years. A few I have purchased with real world money, others have been rewards and/or giveaways, like the tier II XP-31 Swift. In an environment almost solely dominated through the use of biplanes, this experimental Curtiss monoplane brings a little something different to the battlefield in the sky.

The goal was simple, "Destroy at least 3 enemy aircraft in one battle." Here is how it all went down....

Now, if you sat through that and noticed the video quality seemed to be a bit off, you're right. In my haste to capture the action as it unfolded live, I forgot to double check my settings were set back to HD mode and not the default screen resolution I used on another project. A lesson learned, but not in time for the next video I made, a pick up match to make up for an earlier defeat in the Mustang H.

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