Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Learning to Shepard Better

First, a bit of a self review, thus far. 

In World of Warplanes, I have seen it called "Bot Hearding," and I have been doing all wrong. I am a keyboard and mouse player and use the default key settings, so when I see an enemy that I want to engage, I tap the C Key. More often then not, this is followed up with selecting the T Key and the rest of the battle unfolds. Any guesses to why I have been getting frustrated to not having the bots on my team listen to my requests? Yeah, needless to say, I have rediscovered what the F2 and F7 keys are used for and added them back to my adjusted gameplay commands.

Part of that issue comes from the days before bots. Although those command keys have been around for a long time, I stopped using them when there were a lot more real people on both teams. More often then not, my requests were ignored, since most of those folks were operating on a much different agenda and helping me out wasn't a part of their plans. Now, with my artificial allies having much better listening skills programed in, I have revisited those long forgotten keystrokes and started to use them again.

Another pause for self reflection. Although I am still trying my very best to get a much better grasp of Boom and Zoom, anyone who has watched my videos has seen I haven't been all too consistent with this. Try as I might, I still fall back on energy bleeding maneuvers that would make other players just cringe and I freely admit that luck has intervened on many occasions to cover for this....repeated folly. However, random good fortune only goes so far and I still struggle to take the theory I have read, watched and envied others who have perfected, but still come up short on breaking my own habits to fully transition to the more effective reality.

Having said that, sometimes those relapses do come in handy, especially trying to counter the very technique that has eluded me....

Just one more upgrade to go, then the long haul to the tier IX FJ-1.

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