Monday, 24 April 2017

Which Way? Wirraway!

The World of Warplanes mission seemed simple enough, collect 25 Superiority Points by using rockets and/or bombs. While there are many other options for planes that could be used versus enemy targets, I went for the more role specific Attack Aircraft and ground targets. Although the easy choice could have been using one of the many Soviet offerings, since they appear to carry the most destructive bomb and rocket payloads, I am sticking to my decision to not use them.

Instead, I am attempting the mission in the premium tier III CAC Wirraway. Sporting a very similar payload option to it's Soviet counterpart, the same tiered BSh-1, I am hoping to be just as successful with this Aussie Terror now as I have been with the Soviet Striker in the past.

Now, it's been a very long time since I played strictly in a ground attack capacity and I was unsure of the locations which yielded the higher Superiority values versus effort. Good thing this was the lower tiers, where a reorientation like this is a bit more forgiving....

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