Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The High and Middle Ground

Since the Fire Devil mission in World of Warplanes is spread across three parts, it made sense to make attempts at the other two portions, now the first one is done and out of the way. Regaling this tale in non-chronological order, I will start at the upper tiers first.

The Me 329, while a fine Attack Aircraft, with the option to be equipped with fairly powerful bombs and heavy hitting cannons, seriously lacks any rocket choices. Top that with a very noticeable deficiency in the armor department, as compared to the same tiered IL, has to rely on it's maneuverability and a player's map familiarity for survival.

All that aside, I got lucky with the map rotation, remembering there was a "mother lode" ground target and just where it was. Plus, with both teams were so engaged with each other overhead, it gave me the opportunity to get the task done....

However, this wasn't how I started off this session. 

Not having any non-Soviet Attack Aircraft after tier III and before tier VIII, I experimented with using other planes to see if they could get the job done, resisting the notion of purchasing back a more appropriate asset. First, I equipped my tier V Lend-Lease P-40 M-105 with rockets and tried to go GA hunting. Yeah, no glorious tales to be told there.

Next, I put rockets and bombs on my tier VII Focke-Wulf Fw 190-D (I strongly recommend NOT doing that) for a frustrating and nearly unflyable experience. Then, I turned to my tier V Bf 110 E and this happened....

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