Monday, 17 July 2017

A Short Rant and Observation

During this World of Warplanes Operation Dynamo event, I took a hard, long look at the British tree and realized just how incomplete it is.

Much like the Japanese line for the longest time, nothing much has been added to this, except for a few premium aircraft along the way and a minor shift in the early progression stages, then the Land of the Rising Sun finally received another, much needed line. Unlike Japan, the British selection hasn't been around for nearly as long, only introduced to the game shortly before the game went Live in November, 2013.

Even still, that's just about four years of....nothing. Sure, there have been rumors of stuff, but nothing really tangible came to pass (I came across a few pictures of WG/Persha staff visiting China when their server was launched a few years back, teasers of the Hawker Typhoon among others). I know I can't be the only one here, but it's long past due for some new aircraft to make an appearance for those who enjoy such assets from the Land of Tea and Crumpets.

First, there's the Hawker line. Sure, one lonely Hurricane is in the game, available at limited times/special circumstances and sporting a very bad reputation for being a not-so-good purchase. However, there were many other Hurricane variants built and other Hawker aircraft too, from the Hart and Fury, the Typhoon and Tempest, right up to the Hunter. Then, there is the one off aircraft the could fit in as premiums, like the 1927 Harrier, P.V.3/P.V.4, the Hotspur and the Tornado (a parallel prototype to the Typhoon), just to name a few.

Gloster, Avro, Vickers, Bristol, Fairey, Handley Page, and Armstrong-Whitworth (not meant to be a conclusive list) all produced aircraft that helped with the British war effort, sadly not represented in this game with very visible numbers.

At any rate, rant over, I just hope, in the not-so-far-distant-future, some more important, iconic and beloved aircraft from the "island that stood alone" make an appearance in World of Warplanes.

Something I noticed from the Dunkirk....hangar....a newspaper on the ground, just below the left wing root....

 It turns out the be a copy of the May 31st, 1940 Daily Express!

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