Friday, 7 July 2017

In der Zwischenzeit

Another round of ugh....

In my fantasy life, I would have been a stellar fighter pilot, with nerves of steel and reflexes of lighting, dropping enemy aircraft from the skies through my eagle eyed perception of the aerial battlefield. In reality, if I lived in those times, I might have been lucky enough to pass the medical to be a gunner or bombardier on a much larger aircraft, being a pilot or copilot on one of those might have pushed things to the extreme.

Since World of Warplanes Update 1.9.11, reality has seriously encroached into my fantasy world. I am not blaming all of my newfound problems on this patch, but it's more than a coincidence I am experiencing certain issues that were nonexistent just a few days ago. Unlike many threads and posts that have brought up similar situations in the past (mostly poorly worded complaints), I have decided to take another approach (as opposed to submitting tickets to Support and, well, most of us know how the rest of that story goes).

I am open to suggestions from you, the playerbase, on what the problem could be and how to go about trying to fix it (if that is at all possible). Now, before some of you start throwing out some wild and technical ideas/solutions, take a second and consider this. Pretend for a moment that I have never seen a computer before. Seriously. Explain what you think the problem could be and offer up a step by step solution to test that theory as if I have awoke from a coma from the 1940's. Sometimes, a great idea is lost in all the technobabble and can make a situation worse.

In the meantime, I have just about given up on flying anything that requires altitude, speed and accuracy against moving targets. The fluctuating ping and packet loss made the first three battles for today a chore in futility. So, instead of stewing in the less than ideal situation, I went back to my roots in Planes, a class of aircraft I have more confidence in flying in these odd times....

Pretty boring, compared to usual high flying action, huh?

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