Monday, 3 July 2017

For Those Who Don't Believe In Luck....

There are countless recorded situations where certain actions and/or outcomes are unexplainable. 

Throughout real life history, a strange combination of people, places, things and timing have occurred and later become the stuff of legends, or myths, depending on your perspective. With the advent of social media and more people capturing unbelievable moments from our own modern times, only reinforces there is more going on than what we believe we are in control of.

Same thing is true in video games, like World of Warplanes. Despite being nothing more than a collection of calculations, brought to life to our senses through audio and visual output, there is the often denied luck factor from certain players. Some have discovered these subtle to hidden variables and achieved great success "cracking the code," with a few openly sharing their findings. Others have falsely claimed it was their pure skill alone that pulled off impossible actions and outcomes, usually caught after the fact when questioned on how they did what they did.

As for me, I have no problem allowing Lady Luck to enter my cockpit and take over the controls, leaving me almost speechless....

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