Saturday, 17 June 2017

A Score of Four

Making Ace in World of Warplanes, that is getting five kills in a battle, can be as easy as blinking your eyes, or as challenging as juggling multiple flaming objects and not burning yourself (no gloves for protection either).

There have been times where I have seen other players just fly through the sky and the enemy aircraft just drop dead around them, like some strange sorcery was used. I have the fortunate experience of this happening to me as well, on rare occasions. Other instances, I have to really work my controls to just stay alive, let alone remove a single enemy aircraft from the battle. I am not going to even mention those frustrating times when that fifth kill was just about to happen, only to be claimed by an ally or a game crash.

Like it's almost reliant on the roll of the dice. Not an Ace, but here is my throw of Double Deuces....

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