Friday, 30 June 2017

An Ostrich in an Eagle Fight

In World of Warplanes, there has been no other plane I have struggled with and produced such an array of mixed results as the tier VII XP-75 Eagle.

I have described this aircraft in the past as the Mustang's "overweight and much slower cousin" and I still stick by those words (okay, might not be an exact quote, but the essence remains intact).
However, I have decided to see if I can work with this, if I can.

With my recent adventures above tier VIII in jet Fighters not quite being the fun experience I remember, I have made the move to dial things down and spend some time with this American Heavy Fighter. I haven't abandoned my higher ambitions, just on hold for a while. One of the main reasons for doing this is the mindset of visiting some challenging and frustrating aircraft, in an attempt to add to the skillset moving forward. And, the Eagle is just such an example.

In fact, the first battle out shows how I recreated some of my old mistakes early on, before I woke up to help finish things off....

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