Monday, 26 June 2017

Moonlight Raider

Although I would prefer to play in the higher tiers, sometimes the frustration level becomes almost unbearable and dropping down to the lower tiers to blow off steam, is the right thing to do.

Take this video as an example of what I am getting at....

After a short but disappointing series of defeats in tier IX, I decided I had enough and wanted to switch things up. Throwing myself into the meat grinder versus more experienced and flighted players, predicting the outcome to myself beforehand and watching all come to pass, despite my best efforts, isn't a fun nor educational experience. Sometimes you are the bug, other times you are the windshield of the big rig, I have been around long enough to know this.

Nevertheless, I was taking a nearly equal chance by going into the lower tiers too. Down there, are some experienced players who, for whatever reason, don't advance into the mid or even higher tiers. They go by many names and titles, none of them I will repeat here, but the phrase "sharks in the kiddie pool" comes to mind.

My goal was simple, all I wanted was just a single win to end the day with....

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