Sunday, 25 June 2017

Sunset Sendoff

Even though I have moved on to the tier IX FJ-1 Fury in World of Warplanes, I will take this moment to remember the three month journey in the Mustang H to arrive where I am at right now.

I received some great advice on how to fly this particular aircraft and applied that whenever circumstances would allow it. Granted, I had a few relapses along the way and still tasted defeat by the hands of much better players, but I walk away from this experienced with a very changed perspective. Far from being a master of "Boom and Zoom," more of an appreciative enthusiast of a playstyle I had resisted to try with any level of seriousness.

Still, even during those absent minded moments, the Mustang H seemed to later forgive undesirable actions, which it would have severely punish me for early on into the journey. And, I am getting the impression this trend just might continue on with the Fury, fingers crossed.

As a farewell and thanks for the adventure video, I picked a battle from my mini-grind from just the other day. It doesn't have me collecting the most kills of the sortie, nor would I call it my best game ever in the Mustang H, it's not even one of my usual "first win" episodes. Instead, I do believe it is a culmination presentation, one where I demonstrate everything I have learned to do with Mustang H, keep my health and altitude up, picking the right targets and excising gun control for better damage effectiveness.

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