Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Fraile is the Fighter

Although my first battle with the FJ-1 Fury was a successful re-introduction to the top tiers in World of Warplanes, it seems it was a prelude to a wake up call as well.

Many of the lessons that I learned from flying the Mustang H do indeed carry over to the Fury, but the game feels radically changed all of a sudden. Now, this isn't my first foray in to this territory, I have a few other aircraft of this same tier. However, mistakes felt punished almost immediately and the Fury didn't have any of the same resilient qualities I had gotten used with it's predecessor.

This isn't the game I remembered when I last played up here. To test out my suspicions, after a good run of defeats in my new American jet fighter, I switched over to it's counterpart, the Soviet Yak-19.

Here is what happened....

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