Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A dab of paint and flames

When it comes to being a graphic artist, let's be kind and say I have very rudimentary skills. I have created images through the resident Windows Paint program over the years, mostly copy, pasting and altering other pictures I have found. On occasion, I have even created original works of art, but the quality of those could be judged through the eyes of the beholder.

Nevertheless, I started my search for a decent skin for the P-51H in World of Warplanes some time ago, but never found one that really screamed "pick me." Instead, through a very technical means of exploring the game client files, exporting a template to Paint and then transferring over to another graphics program, I have created a non-historical look for my latest Mustang. I wanted a simple modern and close to gun metal look as I could create with my meager skills. I think I didn't do too badly on my first attempt.

If there is anyone out there who is interested in this skin and/or a "weathered aluminum" variant that I first created, let me know and I will upload them and post a link.

Having said all of that, here was my first battle of the day, wearing the new paint scheme and demonstrating a few things of what not to do in a battle....

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