Thursday, 16 March 2017

A Familiar Face

Before you keep reading or come up with the wrong idea, this isn't a "brag post," despite the outcome of this particular battle.

Most of the time, I just hit the record button while in the hangar and let the cameras roll during the next single or series of battles and edit them up for the content I want to publish and share. Granted, I put out more winning videos than defeats and the reason behind that has to do with mostly negative and non-constructive comments from "Armchair Air Marshals," something I have experienced from past publications (there are those who do and have offered real, helpful advice and I thank them for sharing their insight).

This just happened to be another one of those occasions where the action was already being recorded, but this time, I saw an old and familiar name. pyantoryng is one of those players who has been around even longer than I have (and more consistently too). In fact, I have a few screenshots from my early days of them on either my team or the enemy's. I even have a few of being shot down by them, but that is another story altogether. Of all the names I have seen come and go over the years, it's nice to see those from the start are still around.

Nevertheless, here is a rare sight, the both of us in the same battle. Sadly, one of us got the wrong team....

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