Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Hurricane in the Harbor

With International Women's Day being observed, World of Warplanes has put on a limited time event to earn a decal in commemoration of the occasion. Since I only have one female pilot, Charlotte von Staufen, the currently-trained-for German-heavy-fighters pilot, I thought it was about time I would change up the look of the aircraft I have her in, the tier VIII premium Me 109 TL. Frankly, I am tired of looking at that ridicules bird (put on as a lark, but too lazy to switch it out for something else, after all this time).

All I needed to do was win ten battles....

To add a little "spice" to the task, I decided to browse through my aircraft collection and fly some that haven't seen airtime in....who knows when. I dusted off some lower tiered Japanese Fighters (got a Gorovets Medal in the Ki-8), flew the American XP-75 Heavy Fighter and of course, knocked back the daily for the P-51D Mustang.

However, the biggest disappointment of all the planes I have has to be the Hawker Hurricane IID. Not to play an old, broken record of my thoughts and feelings about this aircraft and how it exists in World of Warplanes, but my bitter feelings still linger about it, even after so much time has past since it's introduction.

Nevertheless, I watched a few recent videos from highly experienced players pulling off what others wouldn't believe possible, very decent results from this very aircraft (getting an Ace Achievement in a Hurricane, especially how WarGaming implemented it into the game, is nothing short of outstanding).

 While repeating that same level of performance and results would have created a most wonderful and fuzzy feeling, I will settle for this....

....which was no small effort in itself.

In the end, I received and applied the decal and Charlotte von Staufen was defiantly thrilled with the aesthetic change. Can't you tell?

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