Saturday, 4 March 2017

Flying a Canadian Pony

I don't normally use mods in the games I play, but sometimes, I feel the developers and/or publishers leave out some necessary content that should have been included. In World of Warplanes, there is and always been a serious lack of  historical and national identity for some aircraft, outside the their use by the major powers.

Such as Canada.

Currently ingame, there are three distinct flavors of the North American Mustang, American, British and Chinese. However, there isn't a whole lot of "sub-options," like those used by other Commonwealth forces, Post War nations and such.

Not to suggest that WarGaming should start marketing a bunch of "copy-paste" clones, just for the sake of a cash grab or to satisfy the small community who would favor these aircraft. But perhaps, consider creating or giving a little compensation to those players who have crafted "skins," an appearance package that requires a lot of time, attention to detail and overall labor of love.  

hawkeyededic, a well known player on the North America server, has created this (take a good look at the top picture). Their rendering of a P-51D from the 443 "City of New Westminster" Squadron, circa Fall 1951, is nothing short of  breathtaking. Comparing that image to the one just above, one can see a great deal of time and eye straining focus to detail went into the end result.

For my journey to the top of the tier list, I made the decision to install and try out this new livery and put some Canadian flavor into the game....


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