Friday, 24 March 2017

Painted Pony

Not happy with my two previous custom skin results (kinda blah, really), I decided to draw some inspiration from a near-future, real world project I will be attempting....

Although my son wanted and got a model tank (PZKW VI Ausf.B "King Tiger" in 1:76 scale), I wanted a warplane and the Mustang was the only thing I considered "decent" from the selection at the time.

Despite the fact that we will be working on two distinctly different projects, as a parent, it is my hope that it will be done together, in each other's company. I might document my first build of a model aircraft in about thirty years. If anything, it might prove entertaining.

While I didn't match the colors exactly from the box, I went with a more "blue" variation of the British camouflage from the era. Besides, green camouflage in a blue sky?

Nevertheless, I am not enjoying much success with my new Mustang H. Part of the problem is the serious lack of upgrades and I am flying it like my "Elited" Mustang D (which wasn't too proper either). Here is a recent for yourself and leave a comment on what you saw.

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