Friday, 10 March 2017

Rising Sun in the lower tiers

A long time ago now, World of Warplanes introduced Mission Rewards spread across the tiers to collect. In order to fulfill these requirements, a player has fly their aircraft in tier brackets of I-IV, V-VII and VIII-X. Of course, these varying levels also bring a change in gameplay, where both human and artificial opponents can be quite challenging to fairly easy to defeat.

The lower tiers, say from I through III, are meant to be somewhat forgiving, since this is where new players get their first taste of the game. Although some will graduate from this level of action and move up through the tiers, desiring to challenge themselves with increasingly more difficult scenarios, others will choose to stay in what some call "the kiddie pool." The reasons are many for some players not wanting to advance any higher, from having a strong affection for that era of aircraft and playstyle, to exploiting the skill level of gameplay for a sense of self worth and bragging rights.

Suffice it to say, I don't play the lower tiers too much, preferring to be more of a mid-to-higher tiered participant in an attempt to collect on much better experience and credit returns from those battles. However, I figured I would try and collect as much as possible from this battle, by using the multipliers associated with a premium aircraft and the rear gunner equipped, Japanese Ki-8 Fighter seemed like the right choice.

I had no idea the payoff was going to be quite this good....

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