Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Slithering through the Sky

Not to say I am going to get back into War Thunder with any real vigor, but it is becoming more of a adventure of rediscovery and comparison.

When I was playing more, it was my own personal "act of rebellion" against the displeasure I was experiencing with World of Warplanes. I didn't set out any specific goals, merely taking part and collecting on the events that were being held at the time, something the other flying title of interest was serious lacking.

I suppose those reward planes were goals of sorts, but at the time, I just wanted to load up a decent flying game and blast stuff out of the sky.

Now that I have reinstalled and taken another look at the game, I have decided on actually settling on something to achieve. In World of Warplanes, I set the goal of acquiring the end game North American F-86 Sabre. Looking at my scattered progress in War Thunder, it would appear I am closest to collecting something of a more Soviet flavor.

Which one specifically, I couldn't say for certain. Even after all this time and despite reading many questions and answers from other players and related posts of information, a lot of the progression system still confuses me.

Nevertheless, I decided to take out my high rank premium Bell P-63A-5 Lend-Lease Fighter, among other aircraft selected and give a sortie a try. Little did I know the default settings would be half the battle to just stay in the air....

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