Thursday, 23 March 2017

Canadian Jets - RCAF Sky Lancers, Part 1

Part 1. Canadair Sabre MK.5 of the first RCAF Sky Lancers aerobatic team in 1955.

Based at Gros Tenquin, France, No.2 (Fighter) Wing formed the Sky Lancers. After only twenty exhibition flights, this group would be disbanded after just one season of demonstrations.

The first team was F/L Tony Hannas 421 Squadron AX23062, F/O BR Campbell 430 Squadron BH23310, F/O LM Eisler 421 Squadron AX23046, F/O GCE Theriault 430 Squadron BH23156 and F/O HL Graves 416 Squadron AS23226.

For further reading, check out this archived Globe and Mail article.

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